“Involuntary Cannibalism”

Greetings and blessings friends and family. I am compelled to share some thoughts with you that many may find disgusting, too taboo to discuss. I know it will offend some, we actually had people offended when I shared the quote from Rosemary when we first got the call from the heavenly Father to scalarize everything from “tampons to baby pacifiers”. Some people are offended by the open verbal acknowledgement that tampons exist? 

How much more would those offended, be offended if they knew that all those non-organic cotton tampons were made of GMO biotech cotton containing human DNA, protein’s and genes harvested from aborted babies? 

The truth is, Monsanto controls 90% of all cotton in the world, and that GMO cotton is spliced with human genes and DNA harvested from aborted human beings. So that means the non-organic sheets you sleep on, the non-organic cotton pillowcase your head is on, and even the non-organic panties and bras you wear are gifts from biotech engineering  that contain sacrificed human babies. Now that is gross, isn’t it? 

Don’t switch to the sexy silk undies that isn’t from organic virgin silk, Monsanto owns 90% of the silk worms too! And yes, biotech engineering genius again, those worms are genetically modified with human baby DNA and protein. 

Maybe you were not aware that here in the USA abortion is a huge business? Yes, actually subsidized with your tax payer dollars. Planned Parenthood receives millions of dollars of your tax dollars to lure girls and women into their clinics for free or really inexpensive abortions. Then these abortion mills turn around and sells these aborted babies to biotech labs like Merck, Crucell/Bernd, Glaxo-Smith-Kline or whoever is offering top dollar at the time. 

One company, Crucell, markets one particular line of human cells harvested from aborted babies called PER.c6 and this particular combination of DNA proteins and genes are developed specifically for use in vaccines intended to be injected into humans. And of course, the older the baby is, the more money it will bring in, because there is more to harvest from a more mature fetus, so late term abortions are very profitable. 

Now, that taboo topic we don’t want to talk about, or hear. Involuntary cannibalism. Yes, you read correctly, CANNIBALISM! The human consumption of human DNA and proteins is not science fiction, it is a global evil empire that is so wide spread that it involves the biotech weaving into the web of life arbitrarily placed human genes and their biological products. Because so many people think this topic is too taboo to talk about, they close their minds to the possibilities and ignore the writing on the wall. All the time doing the fast food fries and fountain drinks and getting fatter and dumber all the while. 

The question I have for these people that want to stay in a place of ignorance and denial; Will we silently stand for this reworking of the very molecular and genetic infrastructure of life, or pretend like it will not also result in the genetic modification of our own bodies, minds and souls? 

We certainly do not want to think for a minute that Hollywood’s fixation with zombie movies can be preparing us for our own experience with the walking dead, do we?  Could this biotech genetic engineering of voo-doo science not merely dumb us down, sicken our bodies, but could kill our soul as well? 

These are perhaps the same people that support the U.S. Government paying Planned Parenthood nearly $500 million per year to abort an average of 300,000 babies in US funded Planned Parenthood clinics. That equates to about $1,666.00 per baby harvested from its mother’s womb. In addition to what generous Uncle Sam pays them, how much more do they receive as baby bounty hunters from the U.N. and the biotech labs?  

Were you aware that since the 1973 Roe v. Wade was decided that 53 million babies have been aborted in the USA? That equates to more human lives taken than every war the US has been involved in going all the way back to the Revolutionary war of George Washington up to the current wars the US is involved in. 

Every day in the USA over 3,000 human babies are harvested from their mothers’ wombs for the sake of what? 

Now here is a news flash for you that you more than likely did not know. In January 2012 the Homeland Security national police released a report that stated that any US citizen that is anti-abortion is a potential terrorist and therefore is to be considered a potential threat to the security of the United States of America. Therefore, by my expressing my personal and professional views and opinions here as I am doing now, I am subject to arrest, or more. And believe me, if I should be targeted by Homeland Security, the ACLU would not come to my defense. 

Now, I can’t help but wonder, if I am a threat to US Security because I merely share facts and data pertaining to the abortion industry, how much more at risk am I for exposing this taboo subject of GMO Involuntary cannibalism? 

For those of you that have not read my best seller of 2001, “Modern Foods, The Sabotage Of The Earths Food Supply”, or my book published in 2007, “The Pending Flu Pandemic”, then you are not aware that I was exposing biotech engineering back in the “Modern Foods…” book with the exposure of the link between GMO food offerings with human genes and Alzheimer’s disease, and in the “Pending Flu Pandemic” book the bio-pollution from defective or dangerous GMO genes from aborted fetus live tissue in vaccines and the potential risks. Needless to say, my warnings to not have influenza or flu vaccinations did not hurt the pharmaceutical companies at all, they still have people lining up to get these baby gene tainted injections and never do question the high authority that tells them it is a responsible thing to do. Fortunately, most doctors and nurses don’t do it! 

According to Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) the following 24 vaccines are produced from the living cells of aborted fetuses, or contain DNA, proteins or related cellular debris from aborted babies: 

Polio (PollioVaz, Pentracel, DT Polio, Absorbed, Quadracel, Sanofi) 

Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR-II, Meruvax II, MRVax, Biovax, ProQuad, MMR-V Merck, Prioix, Eroalix Glaxo-Smith-Kline) 

Varicella chicken pox and shingles (Varivax, PcoQuad, MMR-V, Zostavax Merck, Varilix Glaxo-Smith-Kline) 

Hepatitis A (Vagta Merck, Havix, Twinrix GSK, Avaxim, Vevaxim Sanofi, Epaxal Crucell/Bernd) 

Rabies (Imovax Sanofi) 

If you are offered any of the above vaccinations kindly tell the doctor or nurse; “No thanks, for religious and moral reasons I choose to not be a cannibalistic person.” Or you could say something to the effect of: ” I am a strict vegan and do not eat or ingest anything that was from a living warm blooded being.” 

There are plenty more vaccine’s that are tainted with aborted fetus tissue and DNA, like the annual influenza flu vaccines. I only listed the few that Sound Choice Pharmaceutical institute had the integrity to publish. To be on the safe side, consider all offerings from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as potentially harmful and more than likely contains human genes harvested from human babies that were sacrificed for this evil intent to dishonor the Creator. 

How can you avoid Involuntary cannibalism? Anything you eat, drink or put in your mouth like toothpaste or mouth wash or teeth whitening agents, or put on your hair or skin like shampoos, soaps, deodorants, fragrances, moisturizers, vaginal washes, feminine hygiene products like sanitary napkins or tampons should be clearly labeled as made from organic and non-GMO ingredients. If it is not 100% natural, then the risk of baby genes and human DNA is likely to be hidden ingredients. 

Honestly, being as there is no “truth in labeling”, do you think your ingredients panel will voluntarily say “this product contains human proteins harvested from aborted fetuses”? No, but what that can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup more than likely will say is, “And other natural flavors”. That’s honest, human baby parts are natural. 

Beverages, who would figure that natural flavoring of human baby parts would be added natural flavoring in popular beverages like all Pepsi and Coke fountain drinks and bottled beverages? The following is a small sample of popular beverages confirmed to contain GMO human baby DNA and genes. 

All Pepsi and Coke products

Sierra Mist

Mountain Dew

Mug Root Bear

No Fear beverages

Ocean Spray beverages

Seattle’s Best beverages

TAZO beverages

AMP Energy beverages

Aquafina bottled water

Aquafina flavored beverages

Double Shot beverages

Frappuccino beverages

Lipton Tea beverages

Propel beverages

SOBE beverages

Gatorade beverages

Fiesta Mirinda beverages

Tropicana juices and beverages

V-8 juices and beverages 

All Nestles products, all coffee creamers. Maggi brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchup, sauces, seasonings and instant noodles are certain to contain GMO baby parts. Always look for the Certified Organic and Non-GMO certifications on the labels. 

ALL FACTORY FARM RAISED MEAT, POLTRY, EGGS, DAIRY, FISH and non-organic fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains, beans lentils and berries should be considered GMO if not listed Certified Organic. GMO rice, canola oil (rape seed), corn, sugar beets, soy are spliced with human genes, we could call “designer genes”, developed for specific targeted purposes of attacking the central nervous systems, brains and  DNA of those that eat these designer gene modified Frankenstein foods. 

Genetic engineering, GMO and biotech engineering are voo-doo science of altering living things, plants, insects, fish, poultry, animals and humans by changing the information encoded in their deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. Genetic information is stored in the DNA using four different chemicals called adenine, cytosine, quinine and thymine or ACGT, and these base chemicals are coupled together to form the linkage or base pairs that hold together the two spirals that comprise every DNA molecule. 

Why is there such an effort currently being employed to randomly get samples of body fluids from citizens to test their DNA? Perhaps simply to monitor how successful they are in their efforts to created biotech humans? 

We are all exposed to agents that attack the integrity and information in our DNA. Wireless electronic EMF and ELF radiations are known to unravel the DNA. Microwave radiations as well as pharmaceutical drugs and GMO are also known to unravel and decode the DNA. 

The Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar Energy is known to support the DNA and elevate the electrical frequencies of the living cells to the healthy ranges of 70 to 90 mv. It is also documented that the six hour colostrum and other organic whole food nutrients, like the Adaptogens support a healthy DNA and relieve the unhealthy aging effects of GMO caused stress. 

We cannot avoid these assaults from so many different sources, contaminated GMO food and beverages, contaminated GMO clothing and bedding, Contaminated air with GMO and biotech chem-trails, contaminated municipal water with pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals, the increase of EMF and ELF radiations and all the while the social negativities that add to the combination of all these stress agents to create imbalance in our bodies. 

Prevention and avoidance are the best policies, but because we live in a very unhealthy environment today with hidden agendas to destroy and enslave the human race it is critical we take all precautions we can. Eat, drink, and think healthy. The all natural laws cannot be violated without dire consequences. The Creator, regardless if you choose to believe in Him at this time or not, is a loving Father, and a loving Father does not delight in seeing His children harmed. I assure you, I know how the story ends, and this war between good (Jehovah God and Jesus the Christ) and evil (Satan) has been going on for far too long. The good news is, the war is reaching its climax, and the powerful love of God will be victorious, soon. 

In the mean time, I pray you will seek the wisdom of the God of love and make every effort to protect yourself, and your DNA, by avoidance of the voo-doo science laboratory produced biotech contaminated “smart food” that will reprogram your DNA. Armor up with the Word of God would be my first suggestion, study to show yourselves approved, be happy, share love and make certain you have the Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar Energy, the quantum 3-6-9 six hour colostrum, the aXcell-02 drops and the Adaptogens every day. Stock up, and share with those you love. 

If you think this Involuntary Cannibalism is nonsense and some sci-fi crap, then I encourage you to “show yourself approved” and do your own research, and then share what you learn. Don’t take my word for it, this is the age of awareness, simply ask the technical brain of cyberspace. Google “Involuntary cannibalism with GMO foods” and see how many links you get! 

There is one law the Creator set into place that even the evil one can not violate, the law of “free choice”. Involuntarily being subjected to this too taboo act of cannibalism has grave consequences beyond your imagination. The question is, what will you choose? 

I focus on solutions, and as in all things God does give us options and solutions. I encourage anyone that has comments, criticisms, questions or suggestions to contact me. And I give everyone permission to share this, and even post it on your social net working sights. 

Be blessed, be love, and continue to share the smiles…. Dr. Tom  

Healthy Habits  

(702) 759-0100

 “The human body has its own powerful capabilities of healing itself. There is an alternative to conventional medicine in achieving optimum health. God is the Great Physician. God has given us a blueprint on how to take care of the most intricate machinery–the human body”.
“Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition”. 



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